PiCNiC eVeRYoNe?!!! :D

aCoP DaM iN PaNoRaMa

We were planning for a PiCNiC for days and finally it happened and what better place to have a picnic on a Sunny Saturday afternoon than spending it at Acop Dam Eco-Park, one of Rosales’ EcoTourism Sites in Pangasinan. The place consists of Acop Lake, where you can do some fishing, sailing (the locals here use small boats called the banca), and/or swimming…please, no skinny dipping allowed! hehe. If you’re into Radio Control, RC for short then you can do some RC Flying and RC Sailing as well. For trekkers and bikers, not to worry for there are also trails that you can explore to your hearts content.  The picnic grounds has little huts with tables and benches, all made of indigenous materials such as bamboo and nipa (a kind of palm where its foliage is used for thatching or basketry, etc). By the way, if you’re a shutter bug and love nature then this is the place to be!  😀

By the time we got there, the waters was so inviting, so the Big Boys went for a swim and did some RC Sailing afterwards while we,  Hot Mamas prepared the food, my fave department, hehe. We had barbecue, grilled fish, and veggies that matches it, lots of fruit and snacks. We were on the roll at lunchtime, enjoying that sumptuous meal. Later in the the day, the Big Boys played some cards and the Little Tykes played with their toys, while the Hot Mamas watches them in awe. Me, on the other hand went for a stroll and did some snapping on the way with my cam. Oh yes, I was taking advantage of some free time while, my Little Tot Son CORe’ was busy playing with his friend Ton-Ton, hehe. The day went by with the warm breeze blowing, trees swaying, and birds chirping, billy goats and a calf running around the place, then 5 o’clock came, it was time to go. As the saying goes, “Time flies so fast when you’re having so much Picnic fun”! Besides, it started to drizzle a bit, but hey, the picnic ended…PeRFeCT! 😀

Picnics are fun and thanks to Cool Friends who made it happen. For sure, we’ll be doing it again, hehe. Till next time and before I go, I’ll end up my Blog Post with a quote:

“I suppose I would still prefer to sit under a tree with a picnic basket rather than under a gas pump, but signs and comic strips are interesting as subject matter” ~ Roy Lichtenstein

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Amor et Semper,
~ Aggie.A 😀 ~

THe BaRRio LiFe

Men, where shall I begin, I’m having a mental block here, haha. I can’t even think of what to say and this is even my first WP Blog Post to begin with, hehe. Anyways, I’ll start by saying, Welcome to our Blog, “The Barrio Life”. You might be wondering, why do I have a blog and titled it that way. Well, we are an Urban Family who just moved to the Country, as the locals call it “The Barrio”. So, it got me thinking, Life here in the Barrio’s kindda interesting, so why not start a new blog about it! Oh, yah another new blog, huh? Well, to be honest, I’ve been on and off the blogging world, but this time, I’m hoping to linger more than to falter when it comes to blogging, so to speak, hehe! 😀

Anyways, if you want to learn more about the country, then look no further, for this blog’s all about the ways of country living and we would like to share our experiences and our views in getting to know the essence of what’s truly country, what’s truly rural and nature fun…and all of these precious moments are captured through my Arts and Photograpy. So, if you find “The Barrio Life” interesting, then please check-out and follow this blog. Let’s all have fun and share wonderful adventures and cool escapades together!

Quote of the Day:

“Life is to short, so lets make the most of it!” ~ Anonymous

Amor et Semper,

~ Aggie.A 🙂 ~

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