“Our Family Portrait”- A Graphite Pencil Portraiture at 18″ x 24″ was created and hand-drawn by our Artist Friend, Merardo Yanes Jr. Please check-out his BRiLLiaNT WoRKS oF aRT by clicking the LiNK below: Merds Drawing Corner! πŸ˜€

Welcome to The Barrio Life! If you are wondering what this blog’s all about…it’s about real country living as depicted through my works of Arts, Illustrations, Photography, & other Crafts. Yes, I’m Aggie.A and my family and I left the complexity of the Cosmo Urban ways a year ago in order to try to adopt to the simplicity of the Rustic Rural ways, as the locals call it “Barrio Living”! My hubby, Caloy and I had two wonderful boys named CORe’ & BaSTe’ and we’re hoping that raising our Angelitos close to natureΒ  and instilling in them the values and ways of “Simple Living” will be a good thing! πŸ™‚ The Barrio Life will show you the Ways, Culture, Traditions, and Things that you don’t see much in the City. It also talks about Good Eats, Spontaneous Get-Away, and of course me staying up late at night, doing what I love, d’Art! With my busy schedule, I hope that I can find the time to word press more and entice you with what truly is Country Living. So, why not check out this another word press blog so that we all can share our little escapades and adventures together! πŸ˜€

NB: Oh, by the way, please check-out some of my Artworks under “aGGie.A | MY CReaTioNS. Please feel free to leave me a note or two on the CoMMeNT box. Thanks for visiting “The Barrio Life”! Live Learn Laugh Love! ~ aGGie.A πŸ˜€


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