♥ iLL.MMXii.Xi.XXVii ♥
Title: THe CHocoCocoLoco HuB
By: aGGie.A | iLLuSTRaTioNS © MMXii
Medium: MiXeD-MeDia– FiNeLiNeRS + MaRKeRS + DiGiTaL PRoCeSSiNG FoR THe FiNiSHiNG TouCHeS oN a 9 x 6 SKeTCH PaPeR! 🙂
Concept: The CHocoCocoLoco HuB is a Collection of my Illustrations especially of my two main characters CHoCo, the Puppy and Coco, the Hanging Parrot (Colasisi). My inspiration for this collection– My Sons CaRLY CORe’ & BaSTe’ Buzz and their pets, a Shih Tzu puppy named Aero and a Hanging Parrot (Colasisi) named Coo, both pets now lives in our memories! For Aero & Coo wherever you are, CHeeRS! ~ aGGie.A 😀

Welcome to THe CHoCoCoCoLoCo Hub which consists of all My “East meets West Fusion Illustrations of Everything and Anything under the Sun”. I hope that it will Tickle your Fancy a little bit, especially with my two main characters named Choco, the Puppy and Coco, the Hanging Parrot (Colasisi). Have fun and enjoy for as the saying goes, “Life is Fun and Fun is Good”! Live, Learn Laugh, Love! ~ aGGie.A 😀


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