aGGie.a iLLusTRaTioNS

Back from a Long Hibernation, I finally gathered my wits and had my Creative Side kicking for a change. I did some sketches and rendered this piece digitally and Voila, I created this Digital Art + Illustration…Enjoy! 😀

ImageTitle: Agathe Posh | Winter (c) 2012

By: Aggie.A Illustrations

Medium: Digital Art + Illustrations


BaSTeCORe’s SPeCiaL DaY 2! :D

Yeepee, It’s BaSTe’s Christening & CORe’s 2nd Birthday Coming Up Soon, Come & Let’s Celebrate it With Them…Pls. Click on Play For Details. Have a Brilliant Day Everyone! 😀

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THe BaRRio LiFe

THe BaRRio

Plain and Simple, Truly Nature’s Best,

Beautiful Sunrise and Morning Dews,

Clear Blue Skies and Verdant Lands,

Golden Rice Fields and Fruit-Bearing Trees,

Flower Blooming and Busy Bees,

Women Planting  and Men Fishing,

Children Playing and Babies Giggling,

Life here in the Barrio,

Though Plain and Simple,

That’s the Beauty of it all!


Amazing how THe CoTTaGe was situated, on the left side you’ll see and hear the trickling of a little brook. You can even view it by standing on a little wooden bridge and attached to it are wooden fences. The right side, on the other hand, is a little pond with little fishies swimming in the crystal clear waters. Lovely! 😀

SPoNTaNeiTy = FuN + aDVeNTuRe

PaRaDiSe RaNCH, It All Starts here…

One Wednesday Afternoon, after a long weekend, out of the blue, we went to check out a place called Paradise Ranch and…Lo & Behold, it was indeed Paradiso! Kids and Adults alike will appreciate the beauty and serenity of the place located at the heart of  Clark, which was used to be an American Air Base but now was converted to a Philippine Freeport Zone.  So, if you and your family are looking for a little bit of fun and adventure then why not try Paradise Ranch. It is truly a “GaTeWaY to the HeaVeNS! 😀