oNe SuNNY DaY! :D

iLL.MMXii.Viii.XXi Title: “OnE SuNNY DaY” By: aGGie.a | iLLuSTRaTioNs My inspiration for this piece is my two year old son, CaRLY who was trying to catch a Butterfly in the Garden on a Beautiful Day, thus the Title, “One Sunny Day”. Mixed Media– a combination of Fineliners, Markers, and Water Color Pencils on an 9″ x 12″ Medium Surface Drawing Paper. This was just a Doodle supposedly but I was sooo into the moment that I went ahead and rendered it to a full Illustration. It was such a fun piece for each phase shows different Fineliner Strokes and Techniques … Continue reading oNe SuNNY DaY! 😀

TiMe FoR BeaCH FuN! :D

It’s so funny, I took this photo way back in July and started a post but never had the chance to publish it, well I guess, this is the time to do so. Anyways, One Sunday Morning, we tagged the whole family to the beach for some nature  fun. Our destination– Dingalan, a small town situated at the Southern East Coast of the Province of Aurora, Philippines; overlooking the vast blue waters of the Pacific Ocean and along side it are richly green rugged terrains of the Sierra Madre Mountain which separates it from the other areas of the province. … Continue reading TiMe FoR BeaCH FuN! 😀

SPoNTaNeiTy = FuN + aDVeNTuRe

One Wednesday Afternoon, after a long weekend, out of the blue, we went to check out a place called Paradise Ranch and…Lo & Behold, it was indeed Paradiso! Kids and Adults alike will appreciate the beauty and serenity of the place located at the heart of  Clark, which was used to be an American Air Base but now was converted to a Philippine Freeport Zone.  So, if you and your family are looking for a little bit of fun and adventure then why not try Paradise Ranch. It is truly a “GaTeWaY to the HeaVeNS! 😀 Continue reading SPoNTaNeiTy = FuN + aDVeNTuRe

PiCNiC eVeRYoNe?!!! :D

We were planning for a PiCNiC for days and finally it happened and what better place to have a picnic on a Sunny Saturday afternoon than spending it at Acop Dam Eco-Park, one of Rosales’ EcoTourism Sites in Pangasinan. The place consists of Acop Lake, where you can do some fishing, sailing (the locals here use small boats called the banca), and/or swimming…please, no skinny dipping allowed! hehe. If you’re into Radio Control, RC for short then you can do some RC Flying and RC Sailing as well. For trekkers and bikers, not to worry for there are also trails … Continue reading PiCNiC eVeRYoNe?!!! 😀

THe BaRRio LiFe

Men, where shall I begin, I’m having a mental block here, haha. I can’t even think of what to say and this is even my first WP Blog Post to begin with, hehe. Anyways, I’ll start by saying, Welcome to our Blog, “The Barrio Life”. You might be wondering, why do I have a blog and titled it that way. Well, we are an Urban Family who just moved to the Country, as the locals call it “The Barrio”. So, it got me thinking, Life here in the Barrio’s kindda interesting, so why not start a new blog about it! … Continue reading THe BaRRio LiFe