PaSKo Sa BaRRio (CHRiSTMaS in the BaRRio)

♥ iLL.MMXii.Xi.XXVii ♥Title: PaSKo Sa BaRRio IBy: aGGie.A | iLLuSTRaTioNS © MMXiiMedium: MiXeD-MeDia-- FiNeLiNeRS + MaRKeRS + WaTeR CoLouR PeNCiLS + DiGiTaL PRoCeSSiNG FoR THe FiNiSHiNG TouCHeS oN a 9 X 6 SKeTCH PaPeR! :)Concept: This piece is a part of the BuHaY BaRRio iLLuSTRaTeD SeRieS! I was inspired to do this piece when my friend Jo suggested, why not a BaHaY KuBo (Nipa Hut) with a PaRoL (Christmas Star), so here it is! :D
♥ iLL.MMXii.Xi.XXVii ♥
Title: Pasko Sa Barrio 
By: aGGie.A | iLLuSTRaTioNS © MMXii
Medium: Mixed-Media– Fineliners + Markers + Water Color Pencils + Digital Processing for the Finishing Touches on a 9 x 6 Sketch Paper! 🙂
Concept: This piece is a part of the Buhay Barrio Illustrated Series! I was inspired to do this piece when my friend Jo suggested, why not a Bahay Kubo (Nipa Hut) with a Parol (Christmas Star), so here it is! 😀

It’s that time of the year when Good Food and Great Company comes together; Shopping and Visiting Friends here and there; Presents to Give and Receive; A Warm Home and a Family to share it with. However, we celebrate the Holiday Season, let’s all start it with Jolly Bang! Merry Christmas &/or Maligayang Pasko to Everyone! Enjoy and Share the Love! ~ aGGie.A 😀

aRT PieCeS (c) 2010

Title: Les PaYSaGeS
By: aGGie.a | aRTS © MMX
Medium: Mixed-Media– aCRYLiC + WaTeR CoLouR PeNCiLS oN a
9 X 12 WaTeRCoLoR CoLD PReSS PaPeR
Concept: I was inspired to do this piece when I saw the Beauty of the Rouge Mountains and Verdant Fields of the Country Side! 😀
Title: Les TuLiPeS
By: aGGie.a | aRTS © MMX
Medium: Mixed-Media– aCRYLiC + WaTeR CoLouR PeNCiLS oN a
9 X 12 WaTeRCoLoR CoLD PReSS PaPeR
Concept: My inspiration for this piece was the Lovely Tulips! 😀

I was checking old files and saw these Abstract Paintings that I did (c) 2010. might as well share it, hehe. This Art Pieces are now a part of the Ava Collections at the ArtHauz Gallery owned by my friend, Vanessa De Guzman, a L’Artiste too! Have Fun & Enjoy the Weekend! ~ aGGie.a 😀

oNe SuNNY DaY! :D


Title: “OnE SuNNY DaY”

By: aGGie.a | iLLuSTRaTioNs

My inspiration for this piece is my two year old son, CaRLY who was trying to catch a Butterfly in the Garden on a Beautiful Day, thus the Title, “One Sunny Day”. Mixed Media– a combination of Fineliners, Markers, and Water Color Pencils on an 9″ x 12″ Medium Surface Drawing Paper. This was just a Doodle supposedly but I was sooo into the moment that I went ahead and rendered it to a full Illustration. It was such a fun piece for each phase shows different Fineliner Strokes and Techniques and the best part is hearing CaRLY saying “Wow, Look a Nice, Mommy”, hehe. Have Fun and Enjoy the Weekend y’all! ~ aGGie.a 😀

El GuMaMeLa: uP CLoSe & PeRSoNaL

“What’s in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet.” ~ Juliet Capulet Romeo and Juliet (II, ii, 1-2)

I was checking my Flickr Account the other day, when I came across a foto of a Gumamela that I took 2 some years ago. I was thinking, might as well share it here in Word Press. The Gumamela Flower or commonly known as Hibiscus or China Rose has  a wide variety here in the Philippines, and in fact it’s the most widely cultivated flower due to its brilliant hues of Red, Orange, Yellow, Purple, and White with a tint of Red, Yellow, &/or Orange on the edges. This plant is so versatile that there’s so many uses for it. It’s either you can make a refreshingly tasty tea drink or a yummy sweet candy with its petals or the plant itself would be a nice addition to your landscape or garden as hedges, fences, or shrubs. It’s also been said that its flowers especially the red-flowered variety are used as medicine– analgesic, anti-inflammatory, and expectorant. I remember when I was little we make bubbles out of its petals by smashing and pounding it until we get this gooey consistency where we then add and mix it with water to make the bubble solution. We used the stems as bubble wands by bending or folding it to make a circle at one end…then it’s time to blow bubbles to our hearts content. Those were the good old days…fun memories, hehe. Anyways, hope that you enjoy eL GuMaMeLa: uP CLoSe & PeRSoNaL. Did I mentioned that this is one of our fave flowers here in the barrio?!!! Have a wonderful weekend y’all! 😀

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